any rioter??? any human?

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ïuv mmmmmmmmmmm / Diamond 4 0LP / 342W 343L Win Ratio 50% / Kha'Zix - 88W 70L Win Ratio 56%, Diana - 90W 67L Win Ratio 57%, LeBlanc - 28W 21L Win Ratio 57%, Ahri - 26W 17L Win Ratio 60%, Caitlyn - 13W 15L Win Ratio 46%
i paid 3145 and too much time in this motherfuckingbraindead game, Hey there, Your account has been permanently banned after being escalated through multiple levels of punishment by our disciplinary audits. I'm sorry for all the things you have had to deal with lately, I really am. But your actions have crossed the line. The last time you were punished, we warned you that we do not condone extreme negativity of any kind. Considering that, we cannot look past this incident, no matter the circumstances surrounding it. ïuv mmmmmmmmmmm: idiot ïuv mmmmmmmmmmm: i dont care.. ïuv mmmmmmmmmmm: ye im feeding ïuv mmmmmmmmmmm: let me show u real feeding During the games in question, you created an extremely negative experience for your fellow Summoners. I know League can get pretty intense sometimes, but retaliating to such a degree is never an excusable or justifiable action. The language you employed demeaned your fellow Summoners to an extreme extent, which is never OK. To see the most recent games which led to this action, please log in to the client to view your reform card. While we do our best at Riot Games to encourage reform, we permanently remove players who continue to create negative experiences from our game. This action is only taken after repeated or extreme infractions and we will not lift the suspension under any circumstance. Although this marks the end of the line, we’re confident that with some reflection you will be able to avoid this kind of situation with whatever new games you decide to play. Best of luck in your future endeavors. GeneralKrunchman Diana Main Player Behavior Support Specialist "I speak only truth" ye , lol , u never checking teammates chats, they are doing nothign and trashtalk to me , can u check my last game damage, my damage is best , i only dead 6 times, i never feed 1 game in my life, i aways try my best play every single game , now u banned me . its not fucking ok , riot
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