I Got Hacked (Perma Banned) Please HELP

Okay so I havent been on League of Legends for 5 weeks and in those 5 weeks i recently tried to log into my account. And when i did log in I found my account had been perma banned and as you would know i was so surprised about this because i did not give my password to anyone and it has made me very sad Ive been using this account for 1 whole year now and I have spent alot of money on it so I would like to ask for help please because this is very stressful for me as I have spent a lot of time on this game to be banned for some stupid stuff like this and I have left a Chat Log below of what they have said on my account to get it banned please share this to help justify who ever did this actions thanks you. Game 1 bigeater77: whats this mal doing bigeater77: hs lowkey making me throw the gme bigeater77: yes we saw bigeater77: ittilted me bigeater77: gg bigeater77: rivenws able to get free farm for 8 minutes bigeater77: gg bigeater77: im so tilted rn bigeater77: i was so ahead of fiz now hes ahead of me coz of malhpite bigeater77: let riven just roam mid all game bigeater77: useless bigeater77: nah bigeater77: i gave up ages ago bigeater77: once i seen mal dc 7 times bigeater77: shut upo bigeater77: u dont get to talk bigeater77: u have no place to talk malphite bigeater77: just end please bigeater77: this malphite stuff the game up forus bigeater77: with his maccas wifi bigeater77: because thatas ur job bigeater77: keep going bigeater77: Tristanaa dont wanna listen bigeater77: told her to gap bigeater77: she wants to troll take my cs bigeater77: because the fact is ive lost all spirit to win now im tilted because of this malphite bigeater77: im tilted just end please bigeater77: NO ONE WAS AHEAD bigeater77: U IDIOT bigeater77: IT WAS 2 MINJUTES INGAME WHEN U AFKED bigeater77: DONT PLAY RANKED IF U KNOW UR WIFI IS SHT bigeater77: ASD"LASDLAS"D"AS'A bigeater77: ASDL bigeater77: DLAS bigeater77: asd bigeater77: ASLDasL bigeater77: SDk bigeater77: ASDL bigeater77: askdkASDK' bigeater77: 'ADSK bigeater77: 'ADL'asd' bigeater77: ADSK' bigeater77: "ASdl" bigeater77: afd bigeater77: 'ASDK'asdKASDl bigeater77: 'ASd' bigeater77: "asdl" bigeater77: adsl" bigeater77: 'ASkd"ASD bigeater77: dkASdLAS"dl ' bigeater77: SICK bigeater77: OH WELL bigeater77: oooops my internet bigeater77: Gg bigeater77: why report me whatdid i do??? bigeater77: im just pplaying the game :) bigeater77: int whats that i just got out played bigeater77: MALPHITE SHUT UP bigeater77: U HAVDENT EVEN ULTED ONCE WITH ME bigeater77: NOOOOB bigeater77: SICK MEAN WHILE MALPHITE IS STILL TROLLING bigeater77: REPORT HIM PLEASE bigeater77: JUJST KEEPSRECONNECTING THEN DISCONNECTING ON PURPOSE bigeater77: lol everyone know that your the reason we lost malphite bigeater77: u carnt change tht bigeater77: once again no ult from laphite bigeater77: gg Game 2 bigeater77: not the macas wifi bigeater77: ghee i carnt engage if ur laggin bigeater77: What bm mean? bigeater77: black man? bigeater77: omg\ bigeater77: johnall im not playing with u after this kunt bigeater77: fkn sht kunt bigeater77: i was on a winstreak then i play with u and start fkn losin coz ur sht bigeater77: nah fk up bigeater77: u said u wont feed bigeater77: ur fkn feeding kunt bigeater77: no we didnt bigeater77: retard bigeater77: we will die bigeater77: we carnt bigeater77: trash lucian bigeater77: yea i aint playing with u next game bigeater77: since ur lagging bigeater77: say yes bigeater77: say yes bigeater77: guys just say yes bigeater77: we carnt win with this trash adc bigeater77: hes fkn terrible bigeater77: ^ bigeater77: Wooohoo sick lucian bigeater77: sick adc bigeater77: hes so good bigeater77: like faker bigeater77: lol if u uninstalled the game maybe we could of won bigeater77: trash adc bigeater77: lol look at that cs ahahhahaha bigeater77: agahahahhaha bigeater77: he is so trash bigeater77: carnt believe how bad he is bigeater77: look at him roam around and do nothing ahhahaha bigeater77: we can win? bigeater77: what the game plan bigeater77: i can 1/6 lol bigeater77: LOL bigeater77: GG bigeater77: lol ez bigeater77: yea report me bigeater77: ahahhaa this is my acc bigeater77: hahahhaha bigeater77: Ive alwys wanted to get banned its my dream bigeater77: running it down mid bigeater77: Teams wasting my time bigeater77: They think they can win lol bigeater77: so ima just int bigeater77: because im bored bigeater77: GG EZ bigeater77: IM ALPHA ASF bigeater77: TRASH LUCIAN AHAHHA bigeater77: LOOK AT HIM bigeater77: DO NOTHING AHAH SO FKN BAD Game 3 bigeater77: FLK ME REPORT MY FKN NIQA AFK YOUS YOUS FKN SHT KUNTS bigeater77: FK ALL OF YOUS REPORT ME bigeater77: MAKE SURE TO GET ME FKN PERMA BANNED YOUS FKNS WONT bigeater77: FKL U bigeater77: RUNNING DOWN MID bigeater77: FK THE WORLD bigeater77: FK THIS GAME bigeater77: FKN HELL THANK FK OSD"ASD bigeater77: this jg is a rtoll bigeater77: so im down bigeater77: done bigeater77: REPORT ME THANKS bigeater77: LISTEN TO VARUS REPORT ME IM INTING FK YOUJS bigeater77: NIIQA BTCHES bigeater77: MAKE SUR ETO GET ME PERMA BANNED THX bigeater77: Thanks morgana bigeater77: Please tell the rest of your team to do it aswell bigeater77: Im helping myself bigeater77: because this isnt my acc bigeater77: and hes trolling my lane bigeater77: so i dont care bigeater77: Make sure to report me please bigeater77: and thank you
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