14 day ban from 1 game

Alrighty, I'm a player who keeps up the positive attitude and saying "mb" even when it's not my fault to keep the team stable (with a smiley face :) ) as well as "glhf next game fellas" after a match (believe it or not) and one night I made a mistake. One of my friend flames others for fun and of course I tell them to ignore and settle them down, but last night I decided to join him and flamed others too. I am fully aware I shouldn't have done this and I am now regretting it. Towards the end of the game, I felt guilty and apologized but I guess it won't do enough. My friend reported everyone including me which got me banned for 14 days (nice). Having 14 day ban on my first flame and toxic behavior seemed little unfair but thats just my thoughts, maybe I do deserve it. I just wanted to share and hear other's thoughts. Thanks for reading and here's my chat: Game 1 AlexDotP: illaoi and fiora bot was fun AlexDotP: fk that leash AlexDotP: fuck u blue AlexDotP: soz AlexDotP: LOL BS AlexDotP: mb AlexDotP: MB* AlexDotP: wtf AlexDotP: how AlexDotP: no u AlexDotP: LOL AlexDotP: XDDDDDDDDDD AlexDotP: sad isnt it AlexDotP: not saying bs but AlexDotP: is it bad weather there AlexDotP: alright AlexDotP: 5000 ping is fun AlexDotP: supporting lucian AlexDotP: LOL AlexDotP: sulk AlexDotP: cuz he is one AlexDotP: lol weak mental gp AlexDotP: OOOH WEE HE SAID THE CURSEWORDS AlexDotP: maccas AlexDotP: gp so bs champ AlexDotP: sulking much ay AlexDotP: sulk of the year goes to AlexDotP: U KID HAHA AlexDotP: IM GONNA REPORT U AlexDotP: LOOOOOOL AlexDotP: all u do is sulk AlexDotP: u guys are winning but not in life AlexDotP: 1L to u AlexDotP: actually a bot AlexDotP: LOL AlexDotP: such a vague roast AlexDotP: talk to me when u have a dad fk boi AlexDotP: OooOOoooOOoo nICe uLt %%% AlexDotP: SB AlexDotP: kids dont have mum and dad cuz u guys sb AlexDotP: dont cry little girls AlexDotP: stop whinning gp AlexDotP: u r kid AlexDotP: LOL AlexDotP: im not AlexDotP: cuz u r whining like a little grill AlexDotP: LOL R U 12 AlexDotP: GP 12 TELLING ME TO CHANGE MY NAME TO %%% SO ORIGINAL AlexDotP: HILARIOUS AlexDotP: gp doing it manually AlexDotP: lol optic, hes using that flynn technique "pathetic" AlexDotP: u certainly dont speak one kid AlexDotP: im not AlexDotP: u guys r AlexDotP: and twitch AlexDotP: alg lucian AlexDotP: LOL AlexDotP: HAHA AlexDotP: HAHA AlexDotP: u gon take that twitch???? AlexDotP: lol vk AlexDotP: just enjoy at least if u can AlexDotP: mute some and build ap AlexDotP: jks AlexDotP: give me a fattest yeet AlexDotP: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT AlexDotP: nah not me AlexDotP: i dont but im tired of being positive every time and decided to join twtich AlexDotP: soz if i hurt ur sensitive feeeeeeeeeeeelings AlexDotP: accept my apology if u arent sulking AlexDotP: :) AlexDotP: gp AlexDotP: accept my apologie fella? AlexDotP: we gucci gp? AlexDotP: good man AlexDotP: :) AlexDotP: fair enough AlexDotP: lol AlexDotP: XD AlexDotP: ayy tf talked AlexDotP: NEVER SURRENDER AlexDotP: HAVING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE WINS AlexDotP: jks this game gg AlexDotP: but im having fun AlexDotP: lol AlexDotP: do u want me to apologize and gucci vk? AlexDotP: ok vk i sincerly apologieze for what i did are we gucci brah? AlexDotP: lol thats a quote AlexDotP: lol
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