Want some tips on your behaviour?

http://i.imgur.com/isJlutB.png TL; DR Want some tips on how to improve your behavior? Join this discussion! The community will give some tips on how you could have reacted in a game to prevent or solve behavioral problems! Players who give others tips have a greater chance of having their own chat logs published It works like this: **remember to help others first by giving them tips** To ask for some tips write "Give me some tips?". I'll post the chat log of one of your games and the community will give you tips on how to improve. I will not be able to go through and post chat logs of everybody. The choice is random, but THE ONES WHO GIVE COOL TIPS FOR OTHERS HAVE MORE CHANCES TO HAVE THEIR OWN CHAT LOG PUBLISHED. This is not the place to punish anyone. Reform measures are determined by behavior tools. Here is a space for us to improve together. **If you participate on this event you automatically authorize me to publish your chat log here or in other cool behavior initiatives. I'm studying ways to publicize it on channels that reach a larger part of the community!** ------> You can also describe the problems or situations that you want help on and ask the community for help.There is a lot of cool people here! Ready? Steady.... GO!
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