Game 1 Me: Hm. Me: gj. Me: Feels good to beat a Darius. Me: Pinging froze me. Me: Cancer champion. Me: honestly, Me: anyone who plays that crap should be shot. Me: Try hard kid playing Darius. Me: rofl Me: Camille has nothing on Darius. Me: Let’s re-evaluate that Me: You hit nothing Me: Still beat me Me: If I wanted advice from another brain-dead champ, I'd go ask Yasuo Me: so is Darius Me: and Lee Me: I'd sooner off myself than play Darius Me: or Lee Me: or Zed Me: or Yasuo Me: Yes, they are Me: nothing about them takes skill Me: how does Lee take skill? Me: His entire kit is overloaded Me: Well? Me: So, a skill shot makes him hard? Me: His movement? He has insane and forgiving mobility Me: you know I'm right Me: nice excuse Me: So you probs play Darius or Renek Me: you're 3 manning in normals Me: pathetic Me: OCE folks Me: Going from Darius to lee is so sad Me: that’s like playing Yasuo Me: oce kids so sad Me: server's a joke Me: "Lee sin takes skill because he has a skillshot" Me: it’s impossible to miss if you're not bronze Me: Exactly Me: my three-year-old nephew could play lee. Me: I can’t Me: I'm not playing Lee, am I? Me: You couldn’t pay me to disgrace myself to ever play that champ Me: I will Me: Really wish Riot never catered to these children Me: Come NA Me: 1v1 me Lee Me: I will smash you Me: one-handed Me: NA Me: come. Me: you can play Lee Me: I'll smash you with Soraka Me: 1v1 Me: Calling other people a loser when you play Lee Me: LOL! Me: No. Me: your Jinx is trash Me: She has low ping, I have 270 Me: Feel free to come to NA and 1v1 me Me: rank 1 every server Me: Nah, I just like decimating kids founded on English convicts in their place Me: I don’t try in any of my games Me: Feel free to go watch the games Me: Still. Rather be silver than play Lee or Darius Me: Diamond Jinx, huh Me: sick boost Me: ? Me: I was alt tabbed Me: could have flashed it, could have done many things Me: ok Me: No, I just started trying Me: so lucky you still healed despite my ult Me: You try hard the instant you selected Darius Me: and you have a skin for him Me: run to your friends Darius Me: forgot Ahri does ridiculous aoe damage with one ability Me: so, you guys got an ace Me: and ignored dragon? Me: could you please learn how to jungle? Me: 1 drag in 35m Me: okay Me: Ahri is gross Me: literally broken Me: that’s right Me: diamond Jinx Me: hide behind Lee Me: It's sad because Jinx is about as brainless as Lee Me: just stand there and auto Me: sick flash Me: gg
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