i got reported for defending mself? (not sure if banned im at work)

so ive been playing master Yi top lately (on this account silver 2 it can work) and last night I got into my first game of the day.they have a panth to vs me with is hard than teemo because well... the poke hurts more. my soraka with {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:14}} decides to tell me im going bot until they take top tower, and i agree because i mean how hard is it to play safe against down there? time goes on their team lane swaps as well and im basically vsing panth at lvl 3 and there was no point. We have a zac jg, i ask zac can he gank like maybe twice get me a little ahead ill build my tanky items first then he can leave my lane alone, in which he replies narh man im playing around our botlane sorry. the game goes on and they start blaming me, like its my fault they want to help each other but not me, so i was over trying little replies and being put down for not actually have team mates, more like 4 people that hate you more than your enemies and i stop to reply to everything. legit. stop. wherever i am. im told to shut up and so on and im trash and useless and a bunch of other names. the worst part about all of this is when my adc, the quitest one on our team says sorry yi i know theyre being toxic but i reporting you to for not muting them. like what is wrong with you people? youre going to report me for defending myself in a nice manner compeared to what i used to reply with but you guys re that scared and have no balls to stick up for whats right? im getting over this shit man honestly.

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