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So about a year ago to the day I was playing ranked and I met a talon who was 47/2 end of game I added him got to know him found out he was a booster so I reported him to Riot then a few months later about three times a month I had people adding me so I would accept the request and see who they were incase I played with them or something but they weren't they were a group of people who are friends of _Name Removed_ or as Ik him now _Real Name Removed_ me and my support duo played with him a bit to get to know him he sounded like a nice player I could learn off then one day _Real Name Removed_ asked me for a gift and I said that I didn't normally gift people and he kept asking and he said he would gift for gift and I was dumb enough to accept his offer. Turns out gift for gift is fake and I am a retard but I politely removed him from my friends list then only a few weeks later to start getting random friend requests again I accepted them opened them in chat and asked "hi I don't remember you, have we played before" and every time I would get abusive reply so I would just block them(half of the 98 blocked players on my account are him and his goons) now it didn't stop every month new accounts popped up all with weird summoner names and lately when I ask who they are they say a old school friend. Now this is how I tell that they are lying as the fact that I was home schooled now I know Riot does a iPhone track ban on Tyler1 and Ik why Tyler1 is a toxic abusive troll that is alot like _Real Name Removed_ now all I want is for league to be a good place for me to connect with people all around oce in game and have fun even tho I'm bronze #BronzeAndProud I still think that this game should be fun. _Real Name Removed_ has admitted to boosting people before which I'm pretty sure is against the summoner code. In conclusion I'm tired of him having his goons add me and abuse me feel free to read my chat logs with _Name Removed_ and others like him I think you guys have the power to do that any ways some feed back from a actual rioter would be nice
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