They didnt remake but I get an afk ban

Not what you think. I get filled adc, afk mid. Team doesnt remake, support goes mid and I have to now play a fucking 1v2 game as adc, someone with an intentionally weak early game. I get tilted by this, dont play seriously. Not int feed mind u but just give no fucks attitude. Team in general does poorly, tryndamere gets fed, akali gets fed. It's pretty much gg no matter what In the 20 minute game I was in fountain for like 5 minutes? 3 when they denied remake then another 2-3 at the end whilst they took nexus. Not once did I get the afk notification but lo and fucking behold theres an afk ban on my account. I dont want to play some shitty game where I have to 1v2 for 20+ minutes waiting to (90% of the time) lose. For 5-6 minutes of afk in a 4v5 that didnt get remade and I had to 1v2. Part of the time was waiting for them to end cuz open mid. I get a fucking 10 minute afk ban? How dare I be pissed off that I waste fucking 20 minutes of my life playing some shitty 4v5
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