[]( So i created a ranked team then my “friend" started to have a bad attitude and planning things without telling me. Then i deleted him from the ranked team and he starts to hate on my account AHFlow Xaca and my friend’s account AHFlow Leo and telling me he’ll tell Riot Gehirn to ban us and make sure we get banned because we didn’t like his attitude and the way he spoke to us so we deleted him from my ranked team that i created my self. Also after this he created a ranked team himself copying our one called Ace Hood Flow and his being copied of mine being AHFlow Gaming. The one doing this to me and AHFlow Leo, his name on league of legends is AHFlow Taiga at the moment. If you want anything to go off of i can send you some pictures of what happened. By the way this is all on the Oceania server. I hope we keep in touch Riot Gehirn. AHFlow Xaca
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