I'm not even offended when people say kys.(kay why ess)

If anyone says it in my games, I report them just so they get banned. I do it just to spite them, especially when they are talking shit. Even when they ARE talking shit, I report them and hope they get banned. It's not that I'm offended. if I'm winning the game and someone on the opposite team is tilted says something after my jg has camped them. I report them just so they can get banned. Any swearing at all, I'll try to report them. What I hope for, is that the forums and riot keep getting support tickets constantly in hopes that this will be changed. Specifically, the severe penalties. ** I HAVE NEVER EVER** played a game where you could be permed from shit talking. The one thing every other game prioritises over everything and anything else is third party programs. Any detection at all and that's a straight up perm. What the fuck is going on Riot? You guys are the fucking worst for detecting third party programs. But hey it's alright because it's putting money in your pocket right? Don't give me that bullshit "it's harder to detect third party programs blahblahblah". It's too fucking obvious. I'll continue to report everyone for no reason hoping they get banned and I hope it kills your player base lol. You don't need me reporting people for that to happen, I think you're doing a good job of it yourself. /rant
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