(OCE) Perma Ban Appeal: Dawnlight

Hi League of Legends forum. Just this morning I woke up to find I'd been permanently banned. While I do not make excuses for my negative and toxic behaviour and I agree it was a deserved ban, I'm currently undergoing therapy for anger management issues outside and inside of League. I believe that given time I can improve myself to become a better person inside the League of Legends community and as a whole. I would like to apologise to the players in my games that I have flamed or have witnessed me flame. My actions and behaviour are inexcusable, and I deeply regret my toxic and negative behaviour. Game 1 In-Game Dawnlight: enjoy the mute buddy Dawnlight: Yi you degenerate fuckwit Dawnlight: dont fucking talk to me Dawnlight: you braindead kike Dawnlight: It's not Ivern's fault Dawnlight: we're in a trio with mid Dawnlight: you're playing master yi Dawnlight: I could literally close my eyes and play yi better than you Dawnlight: yes play draven with your eyes closed I dare youy Dawnlight: fuck off %%%% Dawnlight: you're braindead Dawnlight: dont even fucking talk to me Dawnlight: kill yourself Dawnlight: you think I care Dawnlight: who hasnt ff'd Dawnlight: your parents should have kicked you as a babay Game 2 In-Game Dawnlight: THe last tick of fucking ignite and twitch poison Dawnlight: nice Dawnlight: gj Dawnlight: xd Dawnlight: my fucking frames Dawnlight: what Dawnlight: my frames were at 7 that whole time Dawnlight: why ping ' Dawnlight: there was nothing I could do Dawnlight: Thresh is such a braindead bullshit fucking retarded champion Game 3 In-Game Dawnlight: your Dawnlight: you're a fucking %%%% Dawnlight: I was ulting Dawnlight: stop living Dawnlight: kill yourself Dawnlight: you're human filth Dawnlight: you think I care Dawnlight: Riot can ban me all they want Dawnlight: why rip me Dawnlight: you think I care if I get banned or not? Dawnlight: Sorry about your life %%%%, I'm sure your parents are very proud of the degenerate they raised Dawnlight: I'll have you know Dawnlight: I'm 6'4 Dawnlight: And I row for UC Davis Dawnlight: nobody got the... meme? Dawnlight: damn ok Dawnlight: Sithposting would be the Darth Plagueis copypasta Dawnlight: UC Davis thing is a Dom meme from like a year or two ago Dawnlight: no the meme is from IWillDominate's stream Dawnlight: I wanted my birdie ;-; Dawnlight: Why are you so rude kitty Dawnlight: I must be the fast Dawnlight: Rengar that was personal and rude Dawnlight: I am offended Dawnlight: zoooooom Dawnlight: *chins Dawnlight: your point? Post-Game Dawnlight: Im not fat tho Dawnlight: ree
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