14 day suspension for 1 game where i snapped.

Just wanted to know where people stood on this, I received a 14 day suspension after 1 game on my reform card showing a game i snapped. After a day at work and wanting to relax i started league. First game in, pregame chat had the support asking for mid and having the midlaner subsequently correct them for poor spelling and then a top laner that threw out an ultimatum where he'd run it down mid and play blitz top. Here i thought they were just screwing around so i ignored it for most part and didn't dodge which was my mistake. Less than 5mins in our adc was already flaming the support and top laner was spam pinging me mia and trash talking. I understand i should have muted but i kinda snapped and said what was said here which had the in game chat starting maybe 12-15mins in. I definitely crossed a line and im not trying to justify it but off 1 game during the christmas holiday feels a bit unfair since it also denies me being able to farm up my prestige akali skin as well. With no prior chat restrictions and being provoked after game by the entire team all game i personally would have believed i would have gotten one of the chat restrictions first, instead of a straight up final warning. Sorry to everyone if this seems a bit whiney and unfair but there has been precedents of OCE emissaries telling people to appeal 14 day chat restrictions in the past. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year thanks for reading this post. Game 1 Pre-Game Truth: ? Truth: what Truth: why all the hate Truth: wtf Truth: sure Truth: im cool with this In-Game Truth: fucking tilted Truth: this game is over Truth: try having a team that doesnt make you wanna neck yourself Truth: blitz toxic since champ select Truth: go fucking neck yourself blitz Truth: you sat top and let xin steal my red Truth: of course you'd watch tyler 1 Truth: only spastic shits Truth: watch him Truth: you wanna run it down midd Truth: sure Truth: im going to fucking run it down mid Truth: im done with this game Truth: if you arent afraid to call your own bluff blitz Truth: go uninstall Truth: brand you go fuck yourself too the first thing in chat you say was being a shit spelling nazi to xerath Truth: can you just end this game Truth: np bro Truth: not even inting since nobody got my kill Truth: end please Truth: blitz seriously you have no fucking balls Truth: why make an ultimatum Truth: its k guys we can still win Truth: some idiot voted no Truth: i started the fucking vote Truth: you spastic %%%% Truth: when i start the vote Truth: im trying Truth: that's not pushing Truth: that's diving you liar Truth: fuck off Truth: this blitz is the worst shitter ive seen Truth: well your lucian wont fucking kill me Truth: gg Truth: ty for ending fast Truth: nvm Post-Game Truth: never wanted to tell someone to kill themselves until now Truth: but i won't Truth: because rules Truth: enjoy chat ban? Truth: for threatening to run it down mid early like you did Truth: in champ select Truth: yeah good luck m8 Truth: good Truth: i hope you feel hurt Truth: :) Truth: and what is riot going to see Truth: and they're going to see blitz Truth: provoking Truth: good fucking luck Truth: getting anything through Truth: GOOOOOOOOOOOOD FUCKING LUCK Truth: YOU SHIT %%%% Had this posted on the NA boards by accident and so i came here instead since i know in OCE especially Australia Profanity is more mildly accepted here.
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