_player 1_ : May I ad please, I was autofilled to top _player 1_ : As top is my worst role I wish you'd consider me going adc, thanks :) _player 1_ : I am going to first time riven VroxBox : plz dont take riven VroxBox : im dodging if you do _player 1_: ok VroxBox : i hate people like you _player 1_ : ok VroxBox : who think this is ok _player 1_ : I got autofilled top _player 1_ : I am higher pick than you VroxBox : just coz you dont get your role _player 1_ : JUst coz you didn't get your champ _player 1_ : ?? _player 1_ : hand in hand mate. VroxBox : it would be wise not to as i main riven _player 1_ : another riven main _player 1_ : typical thing to say VroxBox : well now youve ruined it As im trying to do my ranked matches why do we get people like this who think its okay to do something like this. I feel that that should be banned as it is unsportsmanlike since they didnt get there role, they have a big sook about it. I now have a 30 min que time YET AGAIN ANOTHER PLAYER: So i queue up get in queue to find our assigned support say _player 2_ : i dont know how to sp VroxBox : then why are you playing ranked? _player 2_ : for fun VroxBox : u stupid _player 2_ : tks _player 3_: ??? VroxBox : ? _player 3_ : doesnt mean he is stupid _player 3_ i use rank to training myself VroxBox : everyone knows you dont play ranked unless you can play a champ in each role _player 2_ : i will go top with riven _player 2_ : lol _player 4_ : fuck md _player 3_: = = VroxBox : wtf VroxBox : no _player 3_ : plz man VroxBox : why are you going xin VroxBox : wtf VroxBox : can someone dodge plz Two people in the space of 3 games. This time it wasnt me dodging it was another player as i had already locked in. #feelsbadman
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