Help with permanent ban.

Since I was probably a bit overly emotional and abrasive when I first posted the last thread seems to have been removed! So ill try again :) Last night in my promos to platinum I was playing ezreal and was SUPPOSED to be laning with a zilean support, I decided to take teleport instead of heal this game for the laning phase! However when we got to lane as soon as the first waves hit each other the enemy bottom lane (alistar and ashe) walked up to my support ali flashed on him stunned him and thennnnn they killed him. Now once this happened the zilean started spamming my teleport in chat over and over (even though like i said they flashed on him so the fight was behind our wave and close to our turret so he could have flashed away himself to live! he also did not use his exhaust!) he then proceeded to continue spam pinging my summoner spell, come back to lane and begin to use his abilities on the wave taking farm and intentionally feeding the enemy team :) then came the following! JUST FOR CLARITY THIS PLAYER DIED STARTED SPAM PINGING ME AND STARTED ACTIVELY TROLLING BEFORE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING WAS SAID IN CHAT. Game 1 In-Game Shovel: ? Shovel: if ziean will troll Shovel: ill just afk Shovel: this kid is taking my cs because he died lv 1 Shovel: enjoy free win Shovel: report zilean ff 15 Shovel: yer Shovel: tp is standard Shovel: u silver trash Shovel: hes taking cs Shovel: and inting Shovel: i cant play Shovel: killk him pls Shovel: its my promos too Shovel: i CANT PLAY Shovel: HE IS TAKING FARM Shovel: WTF U WANT ME TO DO Shovel: ? Shovel: wow Shovel: %%%%s are dense on this game Shovel: hes pushing Shovel: the wave Shovel: .. Shovel: yer Shovel: im cancer Shovel: because hes trollng Shovel: holy shit this server Shovel: hes bronze Shovel: just kill zil lol Shovel: hes trolling because i have tp Shovel: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Shovel: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Shovel: hes actual bronze Shovel: like Shovel: legit Shovel: inted lvl 1 Shovel: then trolled Shovel: the whole game Shovel: m8 Shovel: ur a joke Shovel: how the fuck Shovel: am i a kid Shovel: ? Shovel: like how Shovel: explain what i did wrong Shovel: explain how im the kid Shovel: when did i say i dont want to win Shovel: im literally trying to win Shovel: how did i give up Shovel: ? Shovel: im playing? Shovel: because he just lets them kill me Shovel: if i go into lane Shovel: yer ok pantheon Shovel: hope u get this zil on ur team Shovel: :) Shovel: yasuo Shovel: its these asians Shovel: they full racist Shovel: dont care if they hard int Shovel: just blame anybody who isnt asian Shovel: rly sad Shovel: duo with z ilean taliyah Post-Game Shovel: yoo Shovel: piss off Shovel: loser Now before anybody starts saying "Shovel: %%%%s are dense on this game" was a racist comment no it was C**TS now i dont deny that i shouldnt have said the word (even though you have a language filter built into the game that is enabled by default...........................) but i was, in my opinion understandably frustrated. This player decided to troll from the TWO MINUTE MARK because he didnt like my summoner spell choice and misplayed and died at level one in my promos which as we all know can be quite stressful :) He flamed me, continued the whole game to spam ping my teleport and run it down bot lane feeding and taking cs. I was unable to lane because if i walked into lane he would walk up with me then just back off and leave me 2v1 or bomb the wave and proceed to run away :) SO then the taliyah and pantheon on my team began to flame me too (not the inting guy who had a tantrum over literally nothing for whatever reason i can only assume they are friends of his) if a RIOT employee checks what the other players in the game were saying and how they were behaving towards ME it will perhaps give some context to my chat log (the yasuo on my team even states in chat while they are flaming me that its clearly the zilean and not me who is ruining the game) Now im not trying to exscuse my behavior YES i took the bait and was toxic in chat as well, but it was REALLY frustrating as i was trying reallllly hard this weekend to promote to platinum if you take a look at my match history here you will see i had been trying really hard the last couple of days! you will also see the game in question where i was playing ezreal and my "support" finishes the game 0 - 6 - 0 with 130 cs. I would really like if a red could at least take a LOOK at my account and the game in question because i have been trying my HARDEST to reform (a couple of games before this i even recieved notification that i had reached a checkpoint to gaining my honor back which as people know isnt the easiest) so yes i was toxic in chat but so were the group of 3 friends? one of which literally intentionally fed and ruined the game because of my summoner spell choice and his OWN misplay. I love this game and my account meant alot to me it took me alot of work to get to my rank and while it isnt the highest i was proud of it. I feel that this ban was unfair and that these players abused the system to get me banned please at least take a look into my account riot i was trying my absolute best to reform and was receiveing honor almost EVERY single game. I was told by another player on these boards that the rioter gehirn might be able to take a look at my case.
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