Banned or chat restricted

I just took a lot of harassment from two guys in game, one of which was penalized. It started with me asking if they could first pick me Jax, and that was responded with a "f*ck of f*g", and for the next minute and a half in champ select, I just took complete utter shit from them, and didn't retaliate. In game I asked if the enemies could report, which they started playing the victim card, and tried to turn it back around on me. I ignored them, and just continued playing, where the enemy team decided to take their sob story for a fact, so I was getting abused by about 6 people. After the next 30 minutes of taking flack from them all, I reported the 2 guys on my team for instigating it and continuously harassing me, I closed the client cos it was kind of upsetting, and re-opened it to get the message that one of the two guys were penalized. The main question is, is there a way I can check if they we're 14 day's, or just chat restricted? Thanks in advance guys! {{champion:53}}
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