Hard Int and Win!? Considered Forfeiting.

Just had a twitch lose lane severely with a brand against leona ezreal. They collectively went 0/13 during laning phase twitch going 0/7 and brand 0/6 but brand eventually joined up with the rest of the team that were doing well and finished 8/8/14, twitch afk splitpushed for most of the game until I told brand not to follow the twitch because he was dead weight and would just cost brand his life aswell. This is when twitch decided to call "open mid" and flame me in Korean along with the rest of the team and ran it down. He ended the game 0/11/2; the two assists being from splash damage from ult. My problem with this is that he didn't help the team whatsoever and tried his best to ruin our chances even though there was no chance we would lose, but I honestly almost wanted to just get the team to forfeit because no one deserves a win while acting like a complete dick.
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