Tips for bronzies such as myself?

(I didn't know whether to put this in behavior or game play and strategy, and please keep an open mind with this) The problem I've experienced and (mainly) heard and read about is the whole "Teammates are dragging me down" conundrum. I think the problem is, the teammates COULD be dragging you down, but not because they are BAD (sure some cases in may purely be that but it shouldn't be all that common for the league you go put into) but because of mindsets. Everyone knows bronze isn't a good place to be in, so they think to themselves "i need to carry." It may not be a hyper carry 30/0 with teammates going 0/16 or something but at least get the objective done and dusted. I myself am not a carry person as you'll see from my match history. But anyway, the mindset you need to carry because others may not be "good" enough, is what could be dragging us down. Because of this, there's no proper team composition, and your mind is already tilted. As a friend in silver (almost got to gold) told me, he does best when hes having fun. I think this is because you are keeping an open mind and can plan ahead instead of just going in the moment, and actually learning from mistakes instead of just pointing it out (something i need to learn.) I imagine better players can keep this open-mindedness but still keeping a level of concentration without getting tilted. I think until we learn to trust others to a degree, were not going to get much done. But what if the reason we don't trust is because we did, and then somebody broke it? Maybe you played support trying to help the adc (obviously) and that adc failed to a degree. I guess that's the part where you just keep going. So learning to play with an unlocked camera, or getting better reflexes and map awareness or strategies will help yes, but doing a 1v5 neglecting your teammates and communication will cancel out that carry. Ive gone into a couple of solo ranked games and i'd ask something like "Is it okay if i go Braum?" Nothing. Nobody said anything, even the adc. And in matches, if you see someone make a mistake, call it out. But don't FLAME them for it, constructive feedback along with some "gj"s and "nice one"s will help that player a lot and in turn you ad your team. As we know getting bashed for a mistake only makes things worse. Try not to make yourself seem superior to anyone while your in bronze too, otherwise you wouldn't be in it. You might have an excellent 1v1 potential, but what about team fighting, objectives, and communication. Just small things to work on to add it all up. I try to treat my teammates as friends in games, and sometimes it works, others, they just ignore it. this one game, we had a thresh adc (it was normal's, but i still don't know why he did it, he did well though surprisingly) and a jax jungle. The jax hadn't gotten one kill ( maybe one or 2, i cant remember) but had died 8 times to the enemy JG. BUT, he had slayed the dragon like 6 times by himself, and this wasn't while a team fight was going on yet, or he knew we would lose. Anyway, the thresh keep going on at him about how hes basically doing bad, stop feeding, the usual, but sort of in a calm manner, but not so much as if he was trying to help. In turn, the jax would just in caps go "F*** UP!" He wasn't really flaming anyone at anytime (he got angry at me once for a mistake we both made, mainly me and i was fine) so i knew he wasn't trying to troll. So, every time he did something good, id give the occasional gj. i told the thresh he may be making mistakes, but live and learn. At the end we won, Im going to say no thanks to me though, my team for how odd they were being, were actually pretty good. Could anyone preferably in Gold or above enlighten me on this? I am of course in Bronze 4 myself ( i cant even get the LP to get to bronze 5 XD) so this whole thing could just be obsolete, but id like to slowly make my way up to bronze 2, then set a new goal. I haven't done much ranked, so this is mainly theory. Now, this isn't me going "I'm in bronze, but i secretly know i should be in silver this or gold that" (I'm sure we've all wish that's what was happening though) i genuinely know that i belong in bronze for multiple reasons and would like to improve and understand, (i might know my mistake, but i might not know how to act on it) and possibly get any ridicule for this help anyone else that read it. Cheers :3
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