League of Legends is the most toxic game I have ever played

Let me be clear, the game itself is great. Cool lore, variety of characters, fun gameplay. The community/playerbase however, is terrible. I have quit this game many times but keep coming back because the game itself is fun and I have spent so much time on it I don't want to feel I've wasted it, but now I might delete my account completely despite spending 1k+. The last 3 games I have played have been utterly draining. I play games for fun, but as I type this I am actually just completely devoid of energy. I thought, playing on pbe would be a break from regular toxic League because it's pbe, but wow was I wrong. Every game at least 3 people were either toxic, extremely salty, or just unpleasant to play with. Teammates who blame you for everything, afk, swear at you constantly, etc. I've had people in the past say "just do /muteall, if you don't like talking to them", but this just shows how awful the people who play the game really are. Never with any other online game have I had to mute people so frequently or risk getting bombarded with toxicity. If you're seeing this and you've played the game then unfortunately you probably know what I'm talking about. I hope the community of this game improves eventually, but even then I don't even know if I'll want to come back.
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