Restrict Access To New/Reworked Champions

Okay seriously now, this should have been addressed YEARS ago. People are stupid. You see it all over LoL with players buying {{item:3078}} and {{item:3025}} at the same time (which is another concern, in the same fashion you can't buy both {{item:3074}} {{item:3748}} ) but while buying items like an idiot because you saw a video from season 2, or you're playing Mid Nami for the same reasons, these things can't be stopped. But what can be fixed is people playing NEW or REWORKED champions in Ranked the day or week of their release. Probably the biggest competitor to League of Legends right now is Overwatch. They just released a hero Brigitte, she's not available for Ranked play until after the current season. Yes okay Overwatch's seasons are 2-3 months long, you can't do that in LoL. But you can have new champions or reworked champions banned from Ranked play for the equivalent time. People playing new champions in ranked games outright promotes toxicity, either the player has no idea what they are doing as they play the new champion for the first time, or they are abusing some mechanic that is deemed incredibly overpowered and wasn't tested enough on the Test Server (which BTW is really only available to Americans) to have it reach the Live Servers in a healthy form. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ At this stage, in the current gaming scene there is no viable reason to not be restricting access to New or Reworked champions in Ranked Play. So far this has only been done in LoL for the Professional Scene and Tournaments, and that's not good enough when your reasons for doing so are the reasons other games lock new characters out of ranked play for at least two weeks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And just to add, I would very much like to see {{item:3057}} items become restricted in the same way as {{item:3077}} items, again you can't do one without the other.
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