Really a 10 game chat restriction for this?

Game 1 In-Game All: ur attituide is All: now its not All: burnt flash All: not my fault they roam and u dont All: jax took my red so i took his All: pre standard All: L All: vayne bronze All: na im plat All: yeah i am All: and ur bronze All: prob duo with mid All: 1 bad play doesnt make me shit All: sorry fam All: bob the brainless All: ur mum with my All: c All: she doesnt complain All: 3-6 All: yikes All: 75 cs All: yikes All: asians are smart they know a shit player when they see one All: look at your score All: but it is better All: and you are calling me disabled All: laughable All: calling people retarted with that score All: means nothing All: mad and bad All: vayne gold 4 hard stuck 400 games negative winrate All: now i understand why you are so mad All: stop projecting onto me All: how am i insecure All: my stats speak for themselves All: yours are horrible yet you continue to blame others All: back to silver for you All: again All: you are gold 4 hardstuck 400 games 48 percent win rate All: calling me braindead really doesnt have any effect at all All: why would it Post-Game All: it would be like taking financial advice from someone who is broke ok so it definitely doesn't look good in this format where the other players chat is taken out, makes me look like a schizophrenic having toxic dialogue with himself, but when this player is constantly calling me shit, braindead and retarted throughout the game whilst feeding, I'm expected not to reply? then they report me and I instantly get a 10 game chat restriction that is pretty sad...

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