Queue bans (wait 5mins) and players who do botting?

[_**Edit**: Post has been answered._] Not sure how best to word that title, and I'm not upset about my situation or anything (it's at least partially self-inflicted), but I wanted to get others' thoughts on something that happened a moment ago. I mostly play Co-Op Vs AI (intermediate bots), and I usually play Support. Oceania region, if that makes any difference. :-) I often have games where at least one of the players is named something like "**aask99ga5Diane**", uses Ghost+Heal as their summoner spells, never uses chat, and is clearly botting rather than sitting at their computer actually playing the game. (_No regular player solo-dives towers anywhere near as much as these players do._) And so, rather than subjecting myself to 15-20mins of being told to "go away" / "leave" / "quit" by mid-lane (_which I've gladly done earlier this week_) when I'm sick of my non-human teammate feeding bottom lane and want to support a competent player, I've had to make a judgement call when I see them and decide whether or not to select a hero during the start of a match. Today has been my first instance where I've had a 5-minute wait before I can queue for another match. Not a disaster - I wasted like 3mins of others time (2 players x 90 seconds or whatever), so I can handle having to wait 5mins myself. Plus it means I won't be matched with those specific bots like 'Diane' and 'Kennedy' in my next game. I've tried reporting bots, but I still see them a couple days later so I'm not sure that it actually does anything. I do have a couple of queries though: 1) Am I right to queue-dodge in this circumstance? Is it a dick move on my part to avoid being put with non-human players? 2) Are there tiers to this penalty? Am I going to find I have to wait 10,20,30,_permaban_ minutes if I continue refusing to play with bots as teammates? What should I be expecting? (_I'd rather know in advance, so I can make an informed decision, y'know?_) 3) What are your thoughts on the situation? It would be good to get some other perspectives here, rather than me just charging blindly forward (_and getting permabanned_ :-p ) because I didn't have the common sense to ask around first. Thanks in advance. :-D EDIT: 4) Is there a way to be like "I don't want to ever be matched with this specific player", so that I can add the bots to that list, and make my games have 5/5 humans more consistently? :-)
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