If anyone from Riot is reading this please permanently ban this guy. His summoner name is *name removed* (btw i was vayne and he was malz) Toxic messages from chat after the game: *name removed*: vayne is a fat fuck so heavy : ggez Kiotic: so toxic Kiotic: wtf *name removed*: so shit *name removed*: l2p Kiotic: just flaming the whole game *name removed* no teamwork Kiotic: report him pls *name removed* u just let me get fucked on *name removed* report yourself *name removed* u do no dmg *name removed* ur no help *name removed*: u dont team fight *name removed* u cant heal *name removed*: wtf do u do? *name removed* anchor Kiotic: dude *name removed* nice S cuz I am Challenger Kiotic: hard *name removed*: no help whatsoever Kiotic: so toxic *name removed*: so shit Kiotic: salty as *name removed*: honest to god *name removed*: ur a waste of space *name removed*: why even play vayne *name removed*: try cait *name removed* u cant play an adc with any skill Kiotic: hope you get perma ban *name removed*: lol *name removed*: i am mid *name removed*: not support *name removed*: ive already gone up 3 *name removed*: maddog *name removed*: zilean mid *name removed*: ROFL *name removed*: queue *other player*: vayne *name removed*: ill drop u *other player*: u were shit *other player*: xD *name removed*: u were total shit vayne *name removed*: so heavy Kiotic: hes salty *name removed*: report me *name removed*: go on Kiotic: cuz he lost 6 games in a row *name removed*: ur the reason Kiotic: LOL *name removed*: i did *name removed*: cos of shit %%%%s *name removed*: from promo series *name removed*: all in a row *name removed*: cos of shit%%%%s *name removed*: like u *name removed*: LIKE *name removed*: YOU *name removed*: tooooo heavy *name removed*: righto zilean *name removed*: nice anchor for ur team *name removed*: u lost that game *name removed* when me and riven caught u *name removed*: why were u even there *name removed*: rofl *name removed*: nice throw *name removed*: madddog positoning *name removed*: ta for LP *name removed*: ta cuz *name removed*: ur a gentleman *name removed*: 21LP *name removed*: very generous *name removed*: all in all *name removed*: vayne *name removed*: ur fkn bad *name removed*: lel *name removed*: probsz *name removed*: this elo is harder than gold *name removed*: TOO FKN TRUE *name removed*: 215 cs vayne *name removed*: HARD *name removed*: no one knows how to play wit a zil mid on their team *name removed*: KEKEKAWEKAWKEKAWE *name removed*: anyway *name removed*: gg bye *name removed*: lold *name removed* left the lobby *other player*: cya mal and shit c%%%%s *other player* left the lobby
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