Its ok to afk/int feed/troll but its not okay to wanna win?

So, as the title says, why is it okay to int feed, troll or afk? BUT GOD FORBID YOU WANNA WIN? Quoting Rito "Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else's Expense" It's against the summoner code, but rito will suck these stupid mofos off and give them other kinda kickass goods. Only thing im seeing people do is "Lead by Example" by teaching that afkings okay, int feedings okay, trollings okay, ruining the games okay. So either, rito cant follow their own code, or they support trying to ruin their own game. The amount of feeders and afks i've had the last few days are messed up, extremely messed up. Hell, ive gotten people go full tard because "you shouldnt be healing or warding" as i support them, AS A FRIGGIN NAMI. NAMI. SOMEONE WHO FRIGGIN HEALS. Had a dude just afk and throw an easy win last game, and it got me demoted (its messed up). INB4 TARDS GO YOU DESERVE IT. So I deserve afks? Really? Someone who wants to climb deserves afks? Really? Are you that stupid and mentally gone that you think people wanting to climb deserves afks and int feeders? INB4 BOARD MODS GO HURR DURR DURR THIS ISNT REAL. ITS OVER EXAGGERATED HURRMUHDURRDURR. Really? My games say otherwise. If you watched them, or even could be bothered to look. How bout you get rito balls outta yo mouth so you can see the screen to see that?
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