Fixing The Problem of Troll Teammates

Hey. So, the reason I'm writing this post is because of something that just happened to me, and I believe happens to a lot of people. Now don't get me wrong, most of us has experienced troll teammates. They ruin the fun and competitiveness of the game and are not welcomed in this community. However, these trolls can be spotted as early as champion select. There are two examples of this that I have seen (Player 1 is YOU and Player 2 is the TROLL): 1) Player 1 has selected their champion and Player 2 has asked them to swap. Because Player 1 is confident in their lane with their champion, Player 1 declines. However, when it comes to the banning phase, Player 2 bans Player 1's champion and either makes a troll pick or picks a mid laner. This results in Player 2 forcing Player 1 to another lane, or Player 2 inting. 2) Everyone in Player 1's team is queued, except for Player 2. Player 2 happens to be a ghoster and when ban select occurs, they are able to tell the enemy team who to ban, resulting in other champions needing to be played. This can also mean that Player 2 will be giving the enemy insight into the location of the whole team and ultimately feed. Like I said, we've all experienced these types of people in our game. But there is one problem: there is no possible way to report these players unless the whole game is played. Either you or one of your friends must dodge, or you risk a loss, leaving to loss of LP (for ranked). Now. How do we combat this? Well some might say it's easy to just dodge and wait the five minutes, and I have nothing against that. But if these types of people are going to continually do this without anyone to stop them, then it's only fitting that a report system needs to be put in place in champion select. I know that there are a lot of false reports that can occur, but I trust the developers of the report system can have a way to filter out the fake reports from the legitimate ones. What I'm proposing is that if one of the examples above occur (or any other scenarios), we are able to report a player banning a champion. I'd like to stress this next point. **THERE WILL BE ACCIDENTAL BANS**. However, this will be reflected on their in-game score and reports post-game. It will also take into account other games just in case that player was having a bad game. As for the punishments, this can range from a light warning to a ban if they do not start taking these games seriously. That's all I have to say. Love to hear your feedback if you have any. Also. I'll post a poll so I get a better understanding of your thoughts on this idea.
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