RIOT DATABASE LEAK SECURITY BREACH!!! BE WARNED!!! So today I was in a game of league and some guy was being well let's just say he was trolling the game. Anyways after some time of trolling I was shocked to see he somehow from no information from me found my email and password. The only information he had was my Summoner Name as obviously everyone in game has this information. From a Summoner name alone he was able to get not only my email but also my password to that email. I think it is safe to say RIOT you have an issue and this is not on! It is not acceptable to be harrased in game let alone have someone in game able to find your email adress and password, then give that information to the other 9 people in game. God knows what he could have done with this information and in face since then even though I was quick to change my password in the 10min or so that it took me after the game to change my passwords it was to late. The damage was done and fraudulant payments were made on my credit card. Roit this is a SERIOUS issue! Your player base is at risk this is not acceptable, I now have to go to the police and file a report on the matter. What will riot do about this? My bet is nothing I have already sent support tickets but they probable will give him a few days ban or something stupid like that. Well ROIT this is a serious issue and I really hope you fix what ever data base leak you have! So Summoners be warned apparenly anyone from your in game name alone can get your email your password and apparently your Credit Card details just by playing a game of league!

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