I got suspended for this?

Game 1 I was playing my main champ Tryndamere into an urgot ( :/ ) I went in lvl 1 and blew his flash then asked for a gank from my jg ( Zac ) Zac missed his engage and i died which i didnt have a problem with and happily continued to play I was asking for another gank as i was getting shoved constantly under tower and taking poke dmg from whatever Urgots abilities are Lvl 6 came along still no gank I made him waste his ult so he had no flash no ult Still asking for help when the enemy jg came and dove me under tower and i died ( team started to flame me ) From this the enemy support came top so there was 3 top and zed ( my mid laner ) was happily sitting mid farming and our bot and jg where farming bot lane as well The :O face is when i went to go flank the enemy team when i got 1 shot my the enemy jg. ( Kha'zix ) From then the game just got to far for me to be relevant as i was constantly vsing this urgot and he makes me use my ult then im pretty much useless in team fights In the post game lobby the enemy mid laner who also fed started to talk some smack so i asked if he wanted to get ruined in a 1v1 and he quickly declined The %%% stands gor Fuck Gold Tier as i am in gold vsing high ego players thinking they are all faker Is this enough to get a 14 day suspension and have to miss out on ranked rewards after grinding to get to gold for months? Pre-Game Cheddar6: thumbs up Cheddar6: smite luc? In-Game Cheddar6: missed your engage lol Cheddar6: all g Cheddar6: yep Cheddar6: would have liked a gank when i pinged his flashh and ult was down but oh well Cheddar6: top gone Cheddar6: fk this Cheddar6: TO LATE NOW MATE Cheddar6: FFS Cheddar6: 3 TOP Cheddar6: SOMEONE GO FUCKING HELP Cheddar6: FUCK SAKE Cheddar6: KYS Cheddar6: %%% Cheddar6: lol mate Cheddar6: :O Cheddar6: yeah ggs Cheddar6: got no help top Cheddar6: see what happens Cheddar6: for not getting help top Cheddar6: seems fair Cheddar6: nice grey screen Cheddar6: thanks Cheddar6: perma stunned Cheddar6: cant do shit Cheddar6: gg Post-Game Cheddar6: when you ping your jg that urgots flash and ult is down and still get no ganks Cheddar6: when urgot is under my tower and im asking for help Cheddar6: still get no help Cheddar6: team blames me Cheddar6: u wanna 1v1 Cheddar6: see who sucks? Cheddar6: then 1v1 Cheddar6: oh wait Cheddar6: u got your ass carried
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