I was extorted by a duo in game

In one of my recent games in normal (draft) as Vayne I duoed with a Thresh on my friends list this person was on and off friends. They invited a Zed. In the game everything was normally but at a point in laning phase I accidentally used the seed plant incorrectly and it ended up killing my support, this was not my intent and I wanted to apologise in chat but before I was able to even state anything this Thresh starts massively pinging me and getting frustrated in chat, soon later within the match they used all chat to bribe enemies to kill me a certain numbers of times and a skin would be gifted in compensation after the aforementioned match. Example: (Thresh): I will gift anyone who kills Vayne 20 times an ultimate skin. The Thresh also once revealed my position to enemies in all chat. Zed was also wholeheartedly participating with the bribery towards enemies to killing me. At one point they followed me through jungle and recalled when I did to follow me and deny me farm. The bribery happened multiple times in my game. I did report them after the match with a shorter description. The pinging did also occur on multiple occasions throughout the match. I request a review of the all chat in the match, as these players were harassing and extorting me. I thank all who assist me kindly, Regards Fox.
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