OCE Ranked needs serious attention - My thoughts as a long time player on OCE and EU servers

Hi All xD Leagues has a serious issue here in OCE and while I understand how wonderful it'd be to have an automated system handling all the bans and reports but at the moment it is doing a poor job and I'm not seeing any direction or focus being put to fix it so I thought I'd share my views on what the issues with the automatic report/ban system are and then also why I think toxicity in Leagues is so much worse than other games and why it's even worse in OCE than EU. For report/ban system, in my eyes it boils down to 2 real problems: 1st) I was diamond back in S3 but haven't played much since and this season I've been climbing from bronze and am currently in mid gold. **There is without a doubt reportable/bannable behaviour in 90% of games. 90%!! **This is a major issue when your system devalues people who are constantly reporting others. The system NEEDS to only devalue reports when they are actually shown to be false not just when they don't pass punishment, if there is reportable behaviour in 90% of games, and someone reports 90% of the time they are actually doing the work you want them to do and yet you're devaluing their input. 2nd) It's very RNG and the community is so filled with toxicity that you can't actually trust majority voting. There's 3 types of players in leagues - 1) /muteall 2) hardcore flamers 3) Calmers who try to relax everyone. It's important to know which group the reporter is from - For example - Group 1 people rarely report and when they do it's less a reflection of the toxicity of the person they reported but rather a build up from multiple games that breaks them and then all that weight you've granted them slams down on 1 person not because they were so bad it was deserved but because the reporter has had an unrelated series of bad games. Basically my point is that the current "weighting" system for reports is flawed and needs review but this isn't the end, reports/bans are not the ultimate solution, it's like making drugs illegal - very taxing and hugely ineffective. The real question is why are people so angry in Leagues? LoL definitely has one of the worst communities of any game I've ever played, I think most people would say that this is just what the individual people who make up the community are like but I would argue that it's much more to do with the experience of playing LoL - As someone who's played on and off since S1 these are some of the main factors I've noticed for tilting people that you could actually do something about. 1) Mute function - People don't use it nearly enough. Why? Because the person yelling at them, is still yelling at them, just because they can't read it doesn't mean it's not happening and if you want to win the game, you need all your team mates to be focused on the game. Suggestion: when someone mutes a player, it should come up on the players screen saying "X has muted you". Very simple feature but it will give the person muting a small sense of pleasure (encouraging them to use it) and it will undoubtably confirm for the aggressor that no one is seeing their spam (encouraging them to stop flaming and focus on the game) this is very important because at the moment the aggressor would just continue to flame into deaf ears. 2) Bans vs chat restriction - Bans are brutal, chat restriction is annoying but doesn't ruin someones day or even week, infact being chat restricted is almost a relief. I don't think that anything said in game should be a bannable offense, after all, that's what the mute function and adult language filters are for. If someone is still playing the game but just being an ass to other players about it, prevent them from typing. Toxicity comes from frustration- bans cause more frustration, chat bans don't so use them much more. 3) The climb... - Climbing in leagues is like no other game I've played... It's incredibly rough. Not only are you 1 player of 5 on a team meaning your impact on the game is limited, your MMR is SO slugish. You could play like a god and win 10 games in a row and only move up 1 division, this is actually insane. I travel to the EU a lot and so I have an account there as well and unsurprisingly it is VERY different but beyond all the community differences is an actual difference in leagues - Having climbed through divisions into plat on my EU account I could see very clearly the changes in the quality of players as I progressed. However in OCE there were people I vs'd in bronze equally skilled with people I vs in gold right now, the differences are very small. This is a really big problem because the whole point of ranked Leagues is to master the game and be recognised for your skill and that core part of the game is broken in OCE. I think the root cause of this issue is due to the much smaller player base - less players = bigger "span" of divisions in games, at the moment I can have people in my game anywhere from high silver to low plat meaning that even if everything was actually working perfectly, my impact on the game could be very easily trumped by a plat player laning against a silver player. You could argue that over the long term your skill will distinguish you and get you rating but when the player base is small it makes the division range high and then because the system doesn't work in the short term you get games where the end result rarely has anything to do with your personal performance. Now add in people getting auto-filled and you realise the result is FAR less to do with your level of play and much more to do with RNG, who got their mains, team compositions, who's 1 trick pony got banned etc etc. People can only handle being surpressed by RNG for so long without seeing their skill difference recognised before they lose their minds. To wrap everything up 1) Toxicity is rampant in OCE 2) The automated report system gives weight to reports for the wrong reasons making it ineffective at deterring flamers 3) Muting players is invisible, unrewarding, ineffective and therefore doesn't get used 4) Toxicity stems from frustration -> Bans = more frustration but chat-restrictions don't 5) MMR is way too slugish for the small OCE player base - More reactive MMR will allow people to move around in divisions before they're worn down by the 100 game grind in "law of averages" - which is likely to fail them anyway. Didn't even mention earlier but there needs to be use of actual ingame performance in LP awarded calculation because people win the lottery every day and that's 1 in millions, having a system purely built on law of averages creates frustration via luck. In a perfect world there would be a panel of judges watching every player in every game and awarding points based on performance not result, obviously that's impossible but Riot should be pushing to have as much performance weight over result as feasible Sorry about such a long post but if these issues were addressed the rampant toxicity on OCE servers would definitely drop, if you disagree I'd be keen to hear your views TY for reading Even with all the toxicity <3 Leagues PS: I totally forgot to mention this but can Riot do something about game names? I've seen "Black Fucking %%%%%%" "GL HF KYS" "Death Rapist" and so much more... There's giving freedom in naming and then there's this
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