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so i have just reached gold 5 and am by far not the best player but i just wanted to bring up some issues im having with solo q atm and to see if anyone agree's / is having a similar problem. so we all understand that climbing the ladder in solo q is like snorting broken glass but if we all know that and if we know that riot knows that and why are they okay with it ?. what i hate most is when you run into player that are on their "smurf" or just dont care and make it obvious by inting if they dont get their role/champ or just afk. why arent riot harsher on these players? we want oce to grow but we are getting held back because people give up and dont bother trying because they are sick of toxic player so they become one or they dont want to deal with it all and stop playing. things that i think should happen: 1. harsher bans int/afk. ban people from ranked if they are inting/afk instantly. duration of time can be argued but by making them play a X amount of normals before they return to solo q might help fix that problem. obviously harsher bans follow for player who continue to int/afk. 2. people who get reported for hate speech. just ban the players for a extensive period of time from chat but again instantly or after minimal reports. 3. riot needs to put more effort in. the more effort they put in and the more frequently they punish people for breaking the summoners code the better the region will be. players break the summoners code and say "nothing will happen", "riot does nothing" "i do this all the time and nothing happens". how can players get away with that and riot not do anything about it?
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