What is or isn’t ok? [Results]

Since it’s now dropped off the front page I figured now would be a good time to post the results. There was only 46 responses, so not exactly a huge sample size, but there were some interesting responses. ___ Predictably most people had no problem at all with casual swearing in game: https://i.imgur.com/3AoLnSy.png Though interestingly more people were ok with irl swears than in game ones: https://i.imgur.com/0SGiuJ5.png “KYS” was actually the opposite, with more people ok with it in game: https://i.imgur.com/lKQVoKW.png Than irl: https://i.imgur.com/6WlLZjv.png Of the 46 responses, 6 (13%) were in the ‘any words are ok’ camp in game, and 5 (10%) irl. ___ Some of the more interesting text responses here: >A lot more stuff is ok in game because 1. You are, in most situations, playing with a bunch of random people you don't know over the INTERNET so you don't know who they are or what they look like and 2. Video games, especially League, can be really frustrating and tilting at times. Although I would say targeted swearing is not on, it is still understandable and can easily be solved via muting… ___ >Sometimes swearing can be used to emphasize a point in real life but in a game it’s hard to gauge intent or what their body is saying (lack of body language). ___ >I go to game to escape, last thing I want is people to start being absolute %%%%s over a game. IRL you know the people better and can joke about with things knowing how they will react (you got body language and history to go with). ___ >kys being said between friends ONLINE is almost the norm nowadays. nobody really means it. not my friends at least. IRL is just a no-no ___ As for the punishments themselves, most people believed an instant 14 day ban was fair: https://i.imgur.com/ejJvN3K.png?noredirect Of the ‘other’ responses since the chart cuts them off (I’ve shortened some of the longer ones to their main points to keep it concise, just ask if you want actual quotes): 5 (11% of total) were Yes: * Only for hate speech and suicide encouragement * But hate speech needs to be more clearly defined, some people try claim having different religious/political views as hate speech. * As long as you are reported by an actual player [NOTE: This presently is still the case, you have to be reported for the game to be reviewed]. * As long as it isn’t just friends bantering. * Yes for suicide encouragement, but maybe an extra step for hate speech. 4 (8.8% of total) were No: * A warning first is appropriate or a more gradual increase * Chat ban first, and hate speech/suicide encouragement needs to be more clearly defined. Doesn’t make it pleasant to hear, but intent rarely reflects the reality of the statement. * Not for hate speech (“hate speech isn’t real”) but yes for suicide encouragement with an extra escalation step. * Only for severe cases, a single comment should not necessarily escalate. 1 (2.2% of total) said "kinda". ___ For the most severe behaviour, majority believed it to be suicide encouragement, and targeted griefing/trolling was close behind: https://i.imgur.com/7kWJZEQ.png Cut off responses: * [Light Green] If I had to pick one, suicide encouragement, but also intentionally feeding and rage quitting since they can’t be fixed with a simple mute. * [Dark Red] Depends entirely on the intent. Suicide encouragement in the form of psychologically helping that person end their life is obviously the most severe but I doubt that behaviour happens often (if at all) in a 20-40 minute game. “KYS” is hardly anymore of an encouragement to commit suicide than “go play in traffic” is. * [Dark Blue] Threats whether they’re real or not * [Purple] Can’t decide, subjective to each person ___ And last but not least, some interesting responses from the additional comments section: >I believe that getting permanently suspended from a VIDEO GAME because of a problem which is psychologically understandable and easily fixed by a simple mute is extremely unfair. Everyone has gotten really tilted from League of Legends at some point in their life, some people work differently than others and have moments during a game where they lose control mentally. It happens, a lot of people regret it, but taking the game away from them doesn't help, it only makes them angrier and sadder. Of course this is different for people who choose to intentionally feed or rage quit BECAUSE all the other players on the team are affected and they can't do anything to fix it UNLIKE simply muting the player who is going crazy in chat because he is tilted from one little misplay. ___ >this is fucking stupid, this should be basic shit. [NOTE: This person ticked only casual swearing for ok behaviours, yes for instant 14 day being fair and suicide encouragement for the most severe] ___ >I'm a firm believer that people should just quit their shit and be nice to each other. However I also think that when something negative is said, people do need to just toughen up. Life is hard, get over it. if you cant deal emotionally with some random stranger on the internet calling you a name because he got caught out in game of league.. good luck with the rest of life... you will be absolutely miserable for most of it! >It's no different to the stereotype that nerds push their glasses up when they state a fact. Most nerds don't even have big thick rimmed glasses to push up, just like a black person with the same education and upbringing as a white person is no more or less likely to steal. If you blow it up into a massive racial slur and get all uptight about it, all that happens is everyone gets uptight and annoyed instead of having a chuckle. So in a way I think that over-policing speech (especially in an anonymous sphere) is actually doing a dis-service to people, it's setting them up with a padded cushion that allows them to develop an oversensitivity to critique, an oversensitivity that will inevitably cause them and those around them, unnecessary grief. There is a difference between poking fun at someone, and bullying them. I believe it is important that this distinction be recognised when it comes to player behaviour. Bullying is never okay, but everyone needs to learn to take a joke, even one in poor taste. ___ >Of the options given I don't think any of it is acceptable. Some are ban-able and some aren't, but all are bad and capable of ruining someones fun in a game. ___ >In-game behaviour effects me more than chat. I can mute/block chat but I can't prevent playing with douchebags in the future. ___ >Honestly half the shit like telling someone to kill themselves and using slurs is enough to get your ass fired, surely people can apply this to video games and understand that it isnt ok when you arent with people who you know? ___ >Players in this game come from different skillsets, there are many facets to league, it means that there will be differences. If players cannot handle those differences, they should mute. BUT they should still try to win the game by doing whatever means is the most important for the team. ___ >I'm generally good with this behavior because I'm like that with my friends. Randoms targeting me with this behavior is like an invitation to troll fest. ___
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