šŸ”’ Bronze 5 support main needing tips to improve?

So basically yeah I know I'm bad, I won't sit here and blame my team for each loss, most of the time there are things I can do to turn a game around so I can't just blame my team... So anyway... I have noticed as a support main I do tend to sometimes ward when I shouldn't, not so good with trading sometimes, but I do understand the kill beats sustain, sustain beats pokes and poke beats kill lane if that helps? Not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I don't pay much attention to counters as a support? I focus more on what lane combo beats what and what my adc and team need... though that still needs work too since I'm still learning about good team comps etc, and counter building I struggle with... as a support I know it's technically not as important but it is at the same time since I have to keep my carry/carries alive... I get the basics of armor counters auto attack champs, mr counters ap and health counters true damage but when it comes to I guess countering specific items I'm a little lost... I also struggle a lot keeping up with the current meta... apparently op.gg is good for that and so nerf pls but I'm not sure which is more accurate... I also probably should ask where to place pinks, cause currently I put one either behind drag or baron or in the bush behind riv bush in mid before either drag or baron... any other tips you guys think I might need to help me improve would be great!
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