I think im done

Ever met a girl and instantly fell in love to the point where everything she does amazes you then over time she changes and soon you realize you dont like what she is anymore and being with her just bothers you now yeah that what i feel about riot/league now when i first started playing i really did love this game and i thought that riot had made one of the funnest games yet. Getting 4 friends to play and hoping into a curse call would be the highlight of my day sometimes but now it just seems like this game just becomes a reason to scream at each other. Im one of the last of my friends that actually still play the game something has definitely changed about this game the community have become a lot more toxic and salty then when it used to play and the game is becoming way to competitive i ll still play this game because of the time and money i have invested into it but i am not sure ill ever get that fun feeling i used to get when i played back then who knows maybe i might go and play counter strike instead -crystalmath

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