Ranked is gambling, Too much negative behavior

This game state is literally RNG, who gets the least toxic players win. solo/duo queue is pointless, at least Since mid last year, I will confidently say that 60%-70% are games of multiple people, either team, intentionally using in game mechanics to throw games. I see less toxic chat than what I do of people playing in such a way that is going to negatively impact games. Riot Support can not give any advice on how to deal with such issues, all they say is to have a break which I do, I have been playing Anthem and DBD. I come back and have 1 game, 6 people in the same lobby, of ranked soloQ just int and grief. Can someone tell me what I am supposed to do to deal with it. Reporting isn't doing enough, muting players is pointless because its not the chat log. I have played league for 4 years, and this game is in a very terrible spot from what I am witnessing, and from my POV, Riot just care too much about the money now.
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