Account perma band

So guys today I was playing league of legends in a ranked game. After I had finished the game league told me to relog so I did just that but when I opened it it told me I had a perma ban I looked at the chat log and it said this Game 1 PheroxNZ: is it lux supp? PheroxNZ: lol PheroxNZ: nice e zca PheroxNZ: pro jg PheroxNZ: just dont come bot PheroxNZ: help somewhere else PheroxNZ: dont come bot PheroxNZ: i said help somewhere else PheroxNZ: not fighting PheroxNZ: telling him not to come bot PheroxNZ: ? PheroxNZ: janna PheroxNZ: go roam PheroxNZ: dont need help bot PheroxNZ: nice dark seal lux PheroxNZ: Very good support item PheroxNZ: very good when behind aswell PheroxNZ: good choice all around PheroxNZ: lag PheroxNZ: not suprised PheroxNZ: as ssoon as i fight PheroxNZ: nah PheroxNZ: im done PheroxNZ: what are you doing janna PheroxNZ: why did u shield urself PheroxNZ: im about to misclick disconnect PheroxNZ: lag PheroxNZ: joy PheroxNZ: Why talk in all chat PheroxNZ: if ur bad PheroxNZ: fuck this lag PheroxNZ: every time i fight PheroxNZ: i lag PheroxNZ: i cant move PheroxNZ: fuck my life PheroxNZ: really PheroxNZ: tankj zac needs kills PheroxNZ: keep taking pls PheroxNZ: sure you are PheroxNZ: hey mundo PheroxNZ: keep talking PheroxNZ: im totally taking everything you say into consideration PheroxNZ: i play bette rthan you with 300 ping PheroxNZ: thats sad PheroxNZ: did ur e land zac? PheroxNZ: im lagging zac PheroxNZ: do i need to explain lag to you? PheroxNZ: or are u a smart boy PheroxNZ: i asked him PheroxNZ: a question? PheroxNZ: wtf??? PheroxNZ: I asked zac PheroxNZ: if hes e landed PheroxNZ: caus ei didnt see PheroxNZ: yes it is PheroxNZ: u just lost your shit PheroxNZ: bnecause i asked if u landed e? PheroxNZ: tell me what i did PheroxNZ: told you not to come bot? PheroxNZ: oh boy PheroxNZ: Im toxic PheroxNZ: reported PheroxNZ: you swore PheroxNZ: how is harassing me going to help zac PheroxNZ: no im not PheroxNZ: i just find it hard to concentrate with ur harassment PheroxNZ: zac PheroxNZ: keep talking No we're in there was I toxic toward anyone please riot review this and get back to me thanks
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