Why is Rank so toxic towards new players playing rank

So i went on a mission. got sick of having bad games in nomal draft mode full of feeders afkers trolls people saying no to FF even if we losing hard. So i fought ranking up would be fun first time i have play my full 10 games to earn a rank. got silver 3. im no pro at the game i have tons learn i been playing since season one alot has change over the years when aram came out all i did was play that but anyway i took 89 day break came back wanted to play nomals so i did. but feeders afkers trolls people saying no to FF even if we losing hard. made game hard and enjoy able so i ranked up played support whole way the game were between gold 1 and silver 4 i notice how toxic ranked players were against new coming ranked players its depressing and tilting. got told to uninstall. that im bad give up playing and other stuff. ok tonight i failed as a support i only played 12 games in rank. and some theses people giving me crap failed there lanes who had few 100 ranked games seem only give me crap. is it blame the support day is it. its not like i ranked up in iron 4 which i fought was gonna happen. also if you have taken none of enemy towers and they in your base and its 38-10 why vote double no on ff. its tilting and very toxic like your beaten you need learn that not drag out to point you wannta just afk.
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