Starting Out In A Bad Way

Starting my adventure in League of Legends was a blast, my friend recommended LoL to me and I duo with him. I start solo queueing in blind pick (where all newbies start at) and I always find myself losing. My friend as a source of information told me some neat tricks as how to jungle, ganking, and more, but I still kept losing. I always saw myself as a good, normal player as I was never feeding and was going good in games, only to be defeated by negative behaviour, people inting for no reason, feeding and blaming it on me, telling me why I didnt gank a super fed botlane with a item at level 8, saying that I was farming all game because I was under leveled, and having no team coordination. Only one person has complimented me, in a game we lost, and stayed positive about it. I was extremely happy to see somebody with positive behaviour, even when we lose. I think the reason why I lose so many games is because the negative abuse that I have taken, and because since I'm a starter, wanting to play some League of Legends, I feel betrayed that somebody who has a higher amount of knowledge than me, abuses me as a beginner and I feel that I don't want to play anymore since I always get a lose streak and I get abused by ranked players in blind pick telling me to gank a fed lane, not realising they could 1v2 or 2v3 very easily, while me being behind some levels. The Ranked players playing in blind pick feels insane to me, bullying starters even though they are JUST starting out, looking for a fun, cooperative, different game for once. I would like any advice or your thoughts on my experience.
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