Proposed change to the Punishment system.

The punishment system that was added to Oce is indeed great and it does do the job. It works more often than not in my opinion and I'm glad that this step has been taken to drop toxicity in the Oceania server because of the removal of players that simply ruin the game for others. So what's the issue I want to address and why? First and foremost the term that has been growing and been used more and more frequently that is my reason for making this topic is "Kill Yourself". In almost any singular context it is not acceptable and in Australia (The MAIN playerbase of the oceania server) it's a term that is actually considered encouraging suicide. The max penalty for that NATIONAL CRIME is actually 14 years of imprisonment. Have your attention yet? The fact that players aren't getting punished for this term and that the usage of it is going to continue to grow is down right disgusting, there's a major difference between trash talking and this. Personally it doesn't affect me that much and I'm happy to mute the person report them after the game and move on but simply put that's not the case for everyone and that's why I'm making this topic. Riot has strived to clean out toxic players with their system and has done an excellent job but in this regard the system doesn't hold a candle to the punishment that should be handed out and I'm not talking permabans all around for saying it once. So here's what I'm proposing and personally I'd be willing to petition this for the smaller crowd because come hell or high water I doubt anyone else is going to. - Players who use this term would be punished after the game if reported and the chat log proves it in these steps. 1. 48 hour ban first offence 2. 7 day ban second offence 3. 1 month ban third offence 4. Permanent ban from repeated offences The players who contribute to this behaviour are given enough chances to straighten up and fly right under this system and quite frankly they shouldn't even have that many. We have younger players and mentally unstable players. We have depressed players, mentally ill players, players that have recovered from the darkest times in their life and this is simply put a trigger for them. Players still have to see this the first time it's commented and you can mute them but for some that will sit in their head. I have loved this game but I've seen people who enjoyed this game incredible amounts that have turned away due to the toxic nature of the game. Trash talking to a standard is okay and will always happen. Some things need punishment though and I'd like support and help getting riots attention on this post and feedback on my change. Edit: Until I can give sources for my law claim leave it out of your decision making on supporting or not supporting my suggested change the source I was originally given may not be 100% reliable and I'll be thoroughly checking that tomorrow and updating with information. TL;DR ? Make kill yourself a bannable offence immediately read the numbered points for ban info. Support me below help me get this to riot.
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