When your jg gives double buffs to your opposing laner at lvl 3

Well i just played a game as nasus [top] and i was vsing illaoi. You know the classic just spam farm your q and avoid dmg but when your jg [lvl 3] comes for a gank but i was only lvl 2 and illaoi was lvl 3 i pinged him to fall back. but of course he didnt and got destroyed by the illaoi who then got bouble buffs and keep in mind that im still lvl 2 and on the wrong side of the map and i see illaoi with double buffs i did my best to escape but i didnt have my w so she just killed me. he literally ruined the game for me at lvl 2 and of course illaoi snowballed the s-h-i-t out of the game and we lost. then my team reports me and i get perma banned :/ yep ok fair system riot good job oh well guess i can say that im apart of the 0.006 percent of players to get perma banned :D peace out

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