Account password changed by riot employee

I recently submitted a ticket about a technical issue with my account, i talked about how i changed my password and mistaken it 2 times. untill i figure out my password was just in all caps when i typed it in. i know this is going to sound dumb but i put my password and previous password in my support ticket. for extra information if they could see what was wrong with my misspelled password. i told them what i had recently bought and that i still have all the chests non open at all. i said this all so i could give proof it was me the owner of the account. i had tournament in 2 days so i really need the problem fixes fast as possible becuase only if riot had a phone line would make everyone's life so much easier. So now i found the mistake in my password and changed it back. the only way my accout of change it password is the riot employee who has read my ticket. i cant recover my password becuase i have change my email yet to my current one. i don't the the unverified password anymore. then all this shit happen and screwed me all over. can one of Riot member please help me out fast as possible no able to play is bs. im still logged into and that is how i can wright this post now. Thank you I'm posting it on here becuase the help and support section is getting spammed with poker adds.
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