A direct way to contact a human at riot is needed.

Had a post get deleted by a mod because apparently pointing out trolls is bad and people should be aloud to ruin games, so long as you don't say anything to them because its not like the point of ranked is to win or anything :/. I think what we need to stop the soft inters and trolls falling through the cracks of an automated system that basically is there to look for those 3 little letters, s k y (you can work it out). They need an email address that you can use to download your game file, write an email with the time stamps of when people have been trolls etc and have someone look at it and go yeah this kids being a douche, ban them. The guy who asked if they are re..freshingly fun player, shouldnt be punished so remove the chat ban as well the kid was acting like a re...freshingly fun player.
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