Tribunal system is an absolute joke. suits the company it belongs to.

Why don't people get punished for Griefing? like honestly why is it even an option to report someone for griefing when we all know it does absolutely fuck all... lets decided to call this man (Mr in-denial) couldn't admit to his own mistakes and decided to run it down mid/dancing whilst we fight all because my top laner asked him why he was clearing red over helping us win the fight that was obviously gonna be in our favor. He was throwing out hate speech, cuss words, threats and just disgusting verbal abuse on top of the griefing over one simple question. "Can you help fight over taking red buff please". people with weak mentals like this %%%% needs to do us a favor and uninstall their clients. This degenerate needs to be banned. go find this freak and do what you want to him. Mr Swain
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