Chat ban on my account

I'm not going to make this one long because I am pretty sick and fed up with the Riot behavior management team at the moment, I would like to know exactly what I said to bring about the chat ban. I apologize if I lost my cool with the 11/21 {{champion:142}} and the 1/8{{champion:79}} that refused to gank my lane since minute one. I asked for a gank for my bot lane and he told us to "shut""the #### up" in 2 messages shortly after each other, the Zoe mid lane also admitted to account sharing after the game and I doubt she was punished for that. It was a very difficult game to last through when our Gragas who was clearly purposely trying to throw the game and starting dancing in our base letting the minions kill our nexus and the enemy Zoe just kept feeding more and more kills then flaming our bot lane. (_Not to mention the 11 ganks on our bot lane_) I believe this ban was pretty unfairly received seeing I haven't received any kind of formal invoice that they have been punished, clearly being the ones in the wrong. I constantly see this truly toxic behavior going unpunished now when others are punished for merely banter between each other. I know now from my constant reports and everything I have probably been moved to your ignore list which I know is a real thing that exists, but it is all true I encounter this toxicity daily and I can't stand to see this behavior go unpunished when all I do is lose my cool and use the word "garbage" while I get practically inted and griefed by half of my team. What you are doing is not enough, you need proper peer reviews and to stop trying to punish victims of those subjected to this kind of stuff. That is all I have to say this post, please respond I would like to have a discussion. Here I go trying this again... {{sticker:sg-poppy}} This is unbearable though, please wipe the ban and give my account a clean slate. I have never been punished.
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