Why is it riot doesn't give perma ban players a chance anymore?

Perma Ban UpLift?
I Have been Perma Banning for having toxic behaviour and would like to be giving one more chance as this is my escape from real life as I am being bullied due to a mental illness and am having numerous problems in life real due to this.
I've been campaigning for my brother account to get un-ban for the last 3 days. I've done hour upon hours of research to try and find a way to un-ban him. I am honestly sadden that riot is not giving perma ban players a 2nd chance as most perma banned players have invested money into the game for skins, champions and etc. Every one deserves a second chance in life but riot won't give anyone a second chance. Data 2 hasn't even got perma bans they have a low priority matching making system I believe this would be strongly effective as toxic players would be getting match with other toxic players they can then see what they do and how it feels this would most likely stop people from being toxic to stop them going to the low priority match making as it is a nightmare. If players keep being toxic they are trapped there which means that the normal players can enjoy them selfs while the toxic players have to change/reform to join the non toxic players. This would be a much a better system then what riot is running at the moment as it is such a scumbag move as the players don't get to access anything they have brought. This will make perma ban players even more toxic due to them losing so much stuff. I have asked all my league of legends friends what they would do if riot banned there account and over 50% they would come back to LoL and be even more toxic then before. The perma ban system is pathetic you don't need to perma ban to get rid off toxic players. instead you should have perma bans for a couple months maybe a year but no a lifetime back as it been proven by other games that you don't need to perma ban players as if you punish them right and correctly they will stop being toxic. Riot is the first company I know who perma bans players because they can't come up with a decent system although this company makes lots of cash from players. I truly believe that riot is a money hungry company that doesn't give perma ban players a 2nd chance again just because they already got money from whatever they had already brought on the banned account and riot also know that at least 70% of the perma ban players will come back to spend money. Its truly is sad to see one of my favourite games to be wreck by the sheer fact that riot doesn't give perma ban players a 2nd to come back to the game. All Feed back is welcome :)
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