Co ordinated reports?

Hey guys how ya goin' I've learnt 1 thing from playing this game for 6 years it's this. Don't feed the trolls. Don't even reply. Well i learnt that from the internet long ago but in this game it is crucial. No team ever wins when they argue - it's real. I received my first 14 day ban today which i feel is unjust but obviously i'd said too much in not only the 1 game. I'm going to stop using the chat entirely except for objectives. no suggestions, no banter. I would be interested to know how the system works and if a party of 2+ can co ordinate and lie to have an account suspended? I had a guy telling me to kill myself and that he's going to find me and bash my head open with a rock then 40 seconds later i was banned! All because i played heimer jungle !! Didn't feed or anything. He started arguing before i had finished my first jungle clear to do something or he'd go afk and when i flamed back and told him to go AFK the abuse got worse. I'm just curious how i get banned in this situation as i got honoured by another team member who i wasn't duo with? Did they say i was being racist or telling them to commit suicide? (like i was told to) So yes, when my account is released from suspension i'm going to really not say anything. i think that's the only way to succeed in such a competitive environment. People really take this game seriously. If you break the meta you will be reported. If any riot staff are around i'd appreciate if you looked into my last game and the full context of what was said. I realise you can't fight fire with fire but i would really appreciate if you looked into the ryze from my last game and how he talks in other games. Psychotic for a lack of better word and somehow i was the one punished. ahwell.. My ticket: TICKET #37466644 If it can't be appealed i'll suck it up and wait 14 days but my lesson is learnt. don't talk. {{champion:33}} I was looking forward to finishing my climb before the season ended but sometimes it be like that. {{summoner:7}}
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