Why was I Permanently Banned for this text chat?

I just got permanently banned from my league account and this is the supposed "extremely inflamitory" text that I said. I have only recently been banned once and It was pretty deserved, but this ban is completely unfair, or at least thats what I think. I just want peoples opions on whether I am a legit salty %%%% and deserve to be banned or if Riot are being unfair. I am willing to accept this ban but I still think it is just out of the blue and unfair. Game 1 Azury: jihn Azury: do you know how to kite Azury: just saying that it would be better if you threw an aa at them whilr running Azury: don't know why you forced the blue buff Azury: fucking christ jihn Azury: funny thing is you didn't even call adc Azury: HA Azury: what can I do when you flash into vyane and die 1v1? Azury: like Azury: holy shit Azury: why do I bother Azury: jesus Azury: you build jihn wrong, you can't kite and you have no game sense Azury: watch a youtube cilp Azury: and learn the game Azury: you are pathetic Azury: lol Azury: can you even english? Azury: how do I get banned when spastic like this jihn can play? Azury: I don't know what your deal is Azury: ypou make bad play and say that its supps fault Azury: no wonder you are silver Azury: like Azury: just play bots if you are toxic Azury: you are the one who took it so offenively Azury: adn you and your bad gmaplay are why we lost Azury: just take iut on the chin and admit you are bad and made bad plays Azury: like Azury: this game isn't life lol Azury: what are you afraid of? Azury: ... Azury: thats not the point Azury: i not Azury: you just make shit plays and you blame me Azury: you are a joke
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