Lower priority queue SHOULD decay

I have played almost 3000 hours of this "great" in that time i built up 20min of low prio queue. I play a game with a full premade with people on MY FRIENDSLIST, get pissed off because one of them picked thresh adc (i was support) and practicaly RAN IT DOWN MID like TYLER1, so i leave the game and the call to prevent myself from offending anyone. After about 10 minutes i calm down, and reconect. the game ends soon after. (With no prior warning from the leaver buster system) I get 20 minutes of lower prio. queue for 5 games. Yes i understand the problem with leaving games in a matchmade or ranked enviorment, but seriously why should i get punished when playing with a full premade team of close friends? I understand i will have to "do the time" for my "crime" but the problem is that my friends and ppl i want to play with do not have the patience to wait 20 minutes every time we queue up for a game. RIOT. Intstead of making skins for the currently op chamions and then nerfing them 2 patches after to milk all the money you can out of it you should be adressing this. This should decay, if not over a week or month, then a year or season. Or maybe over 100 or 500 games. I have probobly played 200-300 games since my last punishemnt. Feal free to respond with your oppinion on this matter Cheers from EUNE. -Boosted Potato
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