How to find the strength to keep on climbing?

So yesterday night I had a six winstreak and I was feeling pretty good - back up to silver three for the fifth time. A nunu on the enemy team ints. I'm like, cool. But I guess what goes around comes around and the next game I get a 1/13 Nunu support. Then a Tahm jungle griefs and steals my cs and tries throwing me into the enemy team. Next a rengar had fifteen kills at seventeen minutes, 21 by the end of the 27 minute game. All back to back, all different teams. And the verbal harassment too. I'm getting paired up with people hellbent on losing before the game's begun. Lost two games, won one, lost another two, back to silver IV for the sixth time. I think I'm going to go nuts. How do you guys deal with this stuff? It's like it isn't enough for a silver player to win lane very consistently and play mid-late efficiently, you have to be plat quality to find a break when you want it.
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