Can I have a rioter review my permaban logs in context. Chinese abuse of the system

Game 1 Dragon OT West: DAT GIRL IS AN UCKER Dragon OT West: kha zix Dragon OT West: si a zipperheaded %%%% Dragon OT West: take his red Dragon OT West: yo im d2 on mates Dragon OT West: if this ziperhead say sone more word Dragon OT West: 30/0 k? Dragon OT West: you can cheese me lol Dragon OT West: gonna be better shitting on you Dragon OT West: just because youre vsing atrash donest maen youre winnign Dragon OT West: alrady 1v2 triple Dragon OT West: tey comign for us Dragon OT West: kha trying to set me beghin dlol Dragon OT West: kha trying tso hard to set me behind lol Dragon OT West: but he loses lp on his main Dragon OT West: lol Dragon OT West: dw khas bad Dragon OT West: ill oram for you Dragon OT West: what the acutal fuck Dragon OT West: they waited for me to die lol Dragon OT West: if they dont want to get carried then oik Dragon OT West: just dont play Dragon OT West: with at night Dragon OT West: chiesne on Dragon OT West: 1/4 Dragon OT West: diamond smurf trouble Dragon OT West: carrying you Dragon OT West: you wotn ever clea silver Dragon OT West: i can ge thtis acc dimaond lol Dragon OT West: in less htan a week Dragon OT West: enjoy sittin ghere Dragon OT West: yi alive Dragon OT West: but free Dragon OT West: yi on mountain Dragon OT West: free baron Dragon OT West: tp up\ Dragon OT West: ok lose then Dragon OT West: ill just split Dragon OT West: atke it Dragon OT West: im asplit Dragon OT West: dont really care bout thees enaimals Dragon OT West: trynb amke mle Dragon OT West: lose lol Dragon OT West: nnot carrying these %%%%s Dragon OT West: can ge tmy bro diamond in a week Dragon OT West: done trana carry thsee animals Dragon OT West: you lost lane to this vanye.. Dragon OT West: how Dragon OT West: i won lane 1v3 Dragon OT West: "silvers Dragon OT West: end it Dragon OT West: no yi Dragon OT West: that poppy r Dragon OT West: my god Dragon OT West: lel Dragon OT West: wathc me die lol Dragon OT West: why i stopped trying Personally It was just a group of chinese. 1 note I do not account share this is my account, I have reached diamond 2 on smurfs. that account I fuck around on because I wanted to get it diamond-challenger next season after my HSC so I said that because I was told the kha knew their team and I would get dove all game as in like itll take more than that. I feel the players I was matched with were not competent to report anyone. I was matched with 9 other chinese players who knew each other. My kha'zix from champion select was falming me for picking jayce top. and said in cs that he told the yi to take my red and camp me and he knows him. So I said take those first comments at the start of the game out of frustration as they chose to repeatedly attempt to dive me and after 4 dives I died and kha'zix would ping so I would get angry. As the game progresssed I realised that mroe and more fo these players were chinese and looking at the players, they all play with each other and that Kha is one of their friends so they were all trying to just grief me. I was consistently flamed and 4 man dove although and Kha would int my lane, subtly, straight up run it down my laner givnig buffs or inting mid and telling the kat to roam on me. I got alot fo 2v1 kills meaning i would die and be unable to manage my waves, So kha would take one wave if it were slowpushing to me to make it slowpush to them. But I'm diamond so of course I can comeback from all this. All other players were flaming in english and chinese and spam pinging me so I fullmuted. and stopped talking, You can even see at the start, I was saying I will roam for you. But realised they were friends. I would push for objectives and fight. They owuld leave me to die and dance then go in. So I would just keep repeating it. I said get mountain get baron after ofcourse I was dying in fights because I would die in fights they left me on but leave htem all extremely low, even griefers working to make me lose and help their friend wanted to ace that. "In the end I said You lost lane to this vayne how.... "silvers" because he asked why am i stuck in silver!? and I was saying I am carrying after my circumstances and youre losing to the vayne that I was demolishing sayign they are silvers. But checking the he was his duo so i understand the flame after and so I muted him. Can get my bro diamond in a week is sort of just me being a child and me saying done tryna carry these silvers is because they would just dance while im winning us the game. even me saying end it after an ace. But they didn't care. Under those circumstances I went 12/10/10 did most damage most kp gold and cs and kha did less damage than most supports and had the least contribution to the game. What I am trying to prove by saying this is that these players weren't really competent enough to assess player behaviour, they were just abusing the system and I'm sort of trying to say in context, I wasn't actually being toxic at all, if the full logs were there even so It would prove that in itself. I was frustrated at the start and said some offensive terms such as %%%%s and zipperheads. And that was indeed negative but I'm saying these weren't playeres looking at my behavciour and reporting me but griefers abusing the system. Statistically if someone looks at the last match on my account on my account they would think that they were too hard to carry. The kha'zix added me after and said in very broken english 'I know those other 9 players, thank you for talking, enjoy getting banned hahaha they don't ban or read chinese bye bye' and then continued to send death threats and that he murdered my mother and sexually abused her. I began to ignore him as I was queuing up and when i was legitimately pressing the block player button because I was going to block all 9 of them I got banned. It was that one game after 14 days, I understand there's other punishments I had 6 chat restrictions over the past 2 years and 2 14 day bans this season, my first at the start of the season. and the other 11 days before this game. I just don't feel this game was at all right. No one should ever get banned over this game. I was even trying to be nice and lead them to victory with them fullmuted, ofcourse I'll say ok lose then if theyre dancing while the inhibitor is being destroyed or say theyre trying to make me lose as i get a 1v3 triple before their eyes as theyre sitting in a bush together watching for 15 seconds. I really do regret that game simply because I know chat is the only real reportable offense and I gave them evidence to ban me normally I can keep my composure but I heard some extremely horrible news that day about someone I'd known for a long time so I went on the game and this happened and it feel so unjust. I just don't feel this is right in any way. Like this is a system made for the players, but I feel it assists griefers. They say the circumstances don't matter but it really does. I could have said anything that game even just fuck me aha and got banned, it was legitimatley 9 players wanted to grief adn get me banned because their chiense friend was unhappy I picked a laner. Even as a diamond player, thats how i dealt with that game, what would a gold player do in that situation? no player should ever deal with that. or recieve any punishment for that game. I want that ban lifted simply because whilst there may have been negativity in the past and i was on "thin ice" that was the one game I was banned for after my 14 day suspension as I was never even toxic in other games and I don't feel its right to get banned over that. If I cussed someone out I wouldn't mind losing every legacy skin besides cs riven in the game and all the pax skins. It's the fact that I wasn't acutallly toxic, it's just abuse of the system. If there were a tribunal case over this I wouldn't have seen punishment for this game. I really don't believe what I did that game was toxic, those players wanted to get me punished/banned for that. They didn't evne know I had a 14 day suspension, and the kha'zix knew I'd get punished for that. These weren't competent players to report anyone and I don't believe those reports were valid , it is extremely unfair.
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