I just Wondering why these rude players not banned(Language insult is serious or not !!!!)

I sup and a mid duo in rank solo/duo. Sup dc and back at 2:59, mid keeping killed by their mid and blame jug not help. This mid is 1-3-1 and Im 4-5-3, I have tried my best help the team. I didn't say a word about their blame and they start flame me using some very scurviness chinese language. The chat after the game finished : > [REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules)] left the lobby [REMOVED] left the lobby [REMOVED]: panth carry [REMOVED]left the lobby [REMOVED]: 皇子你妈死了 [REMOVED] left the lobby [REMOVED] left the lobby [REMOVED]: 赶紧回家上坟去吧 [REMOVED] left the lobby
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