Is riot just looking for excuses to ban people these days..

Ok so, i just got permabanned and it seems a little ridiculous. I know people are just going to say "omg you're just toxic shut up and suck it up riot is always right", but I've been banned before and i've thought "yeah that's reasonable i was pretty toxic there" but this honestly just seems like Riot is just looking for the smallest excuses to ban people. Read through and check the screenshots before making a judgement. Screenshots of the ban message below. I wasn't exactly the height of politeness i'll admit, but i definitely feel it's not worthy of a permaban or even a chat restriction punishment. They just gave that one game there as evidence and i wouldn't really call that "extremely inflammatory and offensive" as they say it is. Ban message screenshots: A bit of context, not to say "my team deserved to get flamed" but to show why i said what i said. Reason i called leo out for being silver is because she spent all of champ select saying i didn't know how to play the game and that bot was an instant loss because i picked jhin, then proceeded to flame me for picking jhin and spam ping me every single time anything went wrong in the actual game. I was 5-2 at the point i asked "still hating on the jhin pick?" and leo just said im trash and its cuz she carried the lane. A bit further on with the xin crying comment, we were taking the enemy's blue and xin missed smite on it so i got it, then he proceeded to just run into a 1v3 and die then blame botlane for it and call us shit. With the panth comment, i got flashed on by 2 of the enemies while defending a tower and got killed, leo and xin flame and blamed me for it, so i was like why are you blaming me and not the the 2-8 top laner who's just farming enemy krugs while enemy team 5 man pushes our inhibs. I spent all game helping team where i could and focusing objectives and finished the game with the highest kill participation on the team. I know all this doesn't really mean anything but it's just context for this post so take it however you want. No way to make anyone believe this, but most games i do make an active effort to be friendly and positive, encouraging team mates and telling them not to flame each other, i'd say less than 10% of the games i've played i have a negative attitude/chatlog, but then i have this game of relatively mild chat and I get permanently banned for it? I've run into so many players who throw around racist slurs, non-stop swearing and literally telling others to kill themselves and don't ever get the "a player you reported was punished" for reporting those players, but i called someone silver a couple of times and said top didn't do anything all game and i get perma banned for it? Xin flaming the whole team and blaming everyone but himself for all his deaths, leo flaming all the way from champ select to the end of the game, and yet i get banned for this? What kind of system is this... If i actually deserved to get banned then fair enough I'll admit i'm wrong, but in this situation a permaban just seems overkill/unfair for a chatlog like that. If i was banned for being toxic in other games why not show those other games as evidence? System is outdated and makes no sense, OCE server has been up for so many years now, why do we still not have tribunal or proper player behaviour system in place? All we've got is a completely automated system that doesn't take into account what players actually say, but rather bans people based on the number of reports they get and not actual bannable offenses..
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